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Super Dice Roll Fun Time's Back Room

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Super Dice Roll Fun Time's Back Room

Post by Hawkeman92 on Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:03 am

Well if you're here you must have business. You would be surprised by the things some gambling addicts do to keep gambling. Offering prized possession, giving mystical items even selling the clothes of there backs just for another go. Actually one of our staff, Steve, used to be a gambler. He now works here to pay off his debt. Anyway, Down to business. Here you can trade the secret if you are lucky enough to get it in Super Dice Roll Fun Time, and boy do we want it. If you are wondering why we want it so badly... Do you want your prizes or not?

1 ??? - 1 stat upgrade: Remember Steve? He may be peaceful but he is stronger then your character, faster then your character, and so smart that if he didn't owe us big time then he could go somewhere else and become rich and famous. He can train your character in any stat you want and he/she are guaranteed to get better.

1 ??? - 1 extra slot: As we said people give us amazing things and that includes slots. Ability slots, weapon slots, any slots at all. You want one? Well you know what to give us in exchange.

1 ??? - cash: Sorry but we are low on money at the moment. Although once we get some and figure out an appropriate reward you can be sure it'll be a lot.

3 ??? - Gambling upgrade: Wow you got three of them? Tell ya what. We don't usually do this but give us all three of them and we'll let you gamble five times a day. It might not seem like a lot but theres a reason we only allow three times a day. We don't actually want you to hit the jackpot and you have a much higher chance of that the more gambling you do. On the other hand we really want those ???. So we have a deal or not?

5 ??? - ???: We are not entitled to say what this is yet until someone finds the secret but it's definitely special.


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