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What is Auction?

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What is Auction?

Post by Hawkeman92 on Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:09 am

Auction is a place where you can sell almost anything to the highest bidder. You can sell items, slots, or even actual services like custom sigs and avatars. You can pretty much sell whatever you want. First you should create a new topic and title it the thing that you are auctioning off. Then you should use this template  just so the transaction is easier. You should also post yourself when the auction is over just so the people know to stop bidding.

Auction: (What is is you are auctioning off.)

Description: (Give a description about what you are auctioning off and include any extra details. It's good to be specific just so everyone is clear.)

Starting bid: (What the starting bid will be. People will have too start at this bid or higher to get a chance at obtaining what you are auctioning.)

End date/time: (If you are only auctioning for a day type how long it will last. I.E. 5 hours, 7 hours etc. If you are planning on longer then a day then type exactly when it will end. I.E. 15th April, 3rd May.)



[b]Starting bid:[/b]

[b]End date/time:[/b]


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