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And Thus It Continues...

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And Thus It Continues...

Post by Hawkeman92 on Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:20 am

It never stops. It will never stop. One with such intense greed can never become happy. I told myself that I would forsake friendship and continue onto the path of freedom. I told myself this and yet I find myself cold.

I know freedom is most important. I know freedom will always be most important but never the less it gets cold. It is comforting feeling such a familiar feeling, yet sometimes I want warmth. It is strange, I know that it is not important to me any more. I know that I truly gave up on it a long time ago, that I am now unable to get something that many refer to as a friend.

Despite knowing this I seek out warmth. As I do this I can feel the freedom I desire the most slipping further away, an impossibility becoming more impossible. Through my pursuit of freedom I find myself doing things I can't help. I know this will chain me and yet this accident continues to happen.

I'm a greedy man. I am trash upon greedy men. Even the feint emotions that made me resent myself for being trash has grown cold almost to the point of freezing. The anger has gone. The heat has gone. All is cold now. The trash has frozen.

It is odd how one frozen can feel cold. It is odd how the frozen seeks warmth. I try to be manipulative to get what I want despite never even wanting such a thing in the first place. I see the contradiction now and will try to eliminate it. I do not need a thing such as a friend. I will remain cold. By feeling cold I may perhaps win the pity of some deity and be granted my freedom.

Until that happens I will remain cold. It will go on.

And thus it will continue.

And thus...

And... Thus...

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